Protect your guests’ holidays

Any booking can be affected by unforeseen events at the last minute. Europ Assistance, an insurer belonging to the Generali Group and leader in the tourist accommodation rental sector, offers you 24/7 cover to safeguard your business and your guests before, during and after their stay, helping you to avoid unforeseen costs.


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Include the most suitable insurance in all of your bookings in order to ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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Once confirmed by Avantio, you will receive the contract for signature, enabling you to benefit from the strongest possible legal protection.

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Damage Protection

Forget about deposits, simplify procedures and, above all, avoid negative feedback. By including this accidental damage protection insurance for tourist accommodation rentals, you will never have to ask for another deposit.

Protección de daños

Cobertura de daños accidentales. Alternativa a los depósitos tradicionales

Protección de daños 3

Cobertura de daños accidentales. Alternativa a los depósitos tradicionales

Stay Cancellation Protection

Last minute booking cancellations are no longer a problem for you. With the inclusion of this insurance, your client will recover the amount of the booking on the grounds included in the policy and you will keep the initial payment.

Damage Protection Insurance

Price per booking from


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Stay Cancellation Protection Insurance

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Why take out Damages Insurance?

The best alternative to the traditional deposit:

  • A policy that protects against accidental damage to the property during rental, with cover of up to €3,000.
  • The inclusion of the insurance in the booking offers peace of mind.
  • Improves guest satisfaction and loyalty by eliminating their need to make cash outlays or provide credit card deposits, improving guest satisfaction, loyalty and  avoid negative feedback.
  •  Simplifies and saves time and administrative tasks.

The policy  COVERS:

  • The damage or defects caused accidentally or in an unforeseen manner to the tourist accommodation  or furnishings thereof as a consequence of normal use.
  • We will pay the repair and/or reinstatement costs relating to the damage. Create your claim for the reimbursement of expenses. 

The policy DOES NOT COVERS :

  • Damages caused to the property or contents as a result of natural disaster, terrorism, sabotage, fire, explosion, wear & tear, burglary, fraud or an abuse of trust. 
  • Damages caused wilfully by guest.
  • Cleaning costs, breach of the conditions of the rental contract.


Insurance for stays of up to 90 days


Why take out Stay Cancellation Protection Insurance?

  • Because accidents happen ….

….with stay cancellation insurance from EUROP ASSISTANCE, ensuring the reimbursement of costs arising from the cancellation or modification of a tourist accommodation rental. The indemnity being paid to the customer provided that the grounds for cancellation are covered under the policy.

Cover valid from the moment at which the Tourist Accommodation booking is made, up to the beginning of the stay. Only the amount paid as a deposit for the booking is reimbursed. 


The policy COVERS:

  • Expenditure arising as a result of more than 25 motives on the grounds of health, legal and employment matters, terrorism and extraordinary circumstances.
  • COVID-19 included as equivalent to any other illness


The policy DOES NOT COVER:

  • Damage, situations, expenses and consequences arising from events occurring prior to the entry into force of the policy.
  • Booking cancellations beyond the control of the insured person and attributable to the provider/landlord
  • Lockdowns, confinement or restricted mobility, other than where this is as a consequence of unforeseen illness.

Insurance Application 

Fill out the form and within around 7 working days you will receive the insurance policy at the address that you provide us. The policy will enter into force 5 days following signature on your part, all of your bookings being insured as soon as we are notified of them.

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Method of payment: DIRECT DEBIT

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Claims handling

Claims management steps


The property manager that manages the Tourist Accommodation is required to contact us as follows:

  1. By accessing the website  https://ea.eclaims.europ-assistance.com and regístering.
  2. Create  your claim for the reimbursement of expenses.
  3. Use your exclusive access to track the progress of your claim.

Documentation that you are required to provide us:


  • Photographs or other evidence of the damage caused by the guest.
  • Valuation and description of the damage.
  • Copy of the invoices for the repair or replacement of the damaged Furnishings.
  • Copy of the purchase invoices and receipts relating to the damaged Furnishings.
  • Copy of the repair invoices or invoices for works carried out on the Tourist Accommodation.

We reserve the right to request the original invoices or any other document that we consider necessary in order to manage the case.

In the event of requesting original documentation, this must be sent to: Apartado de correos 36316 (28020 MADRID)

Steps to be taken by the guest in order to manage a booking cancellation claim 


1. Please notify the cancellation of the Tourist Accommodation booking as soon as possible. 

2. By accessing the website  https://ea.eclaims.europ-assistance.com and registering.

3. Create a claim for the payment of  authorised expenses. 

4. Attach the required information.

5. Use your exclusive access to track the progress of your claim.


Documentation that must be provided by the guest


  1. Justifying statement issued and stamped by a recognised third party indicating the grounds rendering travel to the Tourist Accommodation on the anticipated date impossible (for example: medical report issued by an intervening doctor or death certificate, fire service report, insurance company report…). 
  2. The justifying statement must feature the grounds for the cancellation of the Stay and necessarily include the date on which this occurred (for example: hospitalisation, death, Insured Loss…).
  3. Copy or photocopy of the invoice and/or proof of payment of Your booking
  4. Invoice and/or receipts that the renter has paid by way of the expense of cancelling the booking.
  5. Any other document requested of the renter in order to process Your case.


In the event of requesting original documentation, this must be sent to:  Apartado de correos 36313 (28020 MADRID)

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